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MrConway #1 Posted 22 June 2016 - 03:42 PM

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Please leave any general feedback on the update here, unless it is related to one of the following topics, in which case we ask you to follow the relevant link:


Balance Changes

  1. New perk system
  2. Make planets more differentiated
  3. Re-balance key structures and technology
  4. Improve balance of orbital defenses
  5. Improve balance on ships, weapons and specials


AI Improvements

AI Personality:

  1. Improve and expand personality traits to make them more noticeable
  2. Improve analysis of possible victory conditions
  3. Improve evaluation for strategic deals such as defensive/offensive pact and alliances

AI - Strategic layer:

  1. Improve handling of the treasury (use rush-buy with purpose)
  2. Improve how the AI picks its enemies
  3. Improve analysis to go to War and continue or stop the war effort
  4. Improve how the AI selects its targets

AI - Tactical Layer

  1. Improve how the AI joins, trims and splits fleets to engage different targets
  2. Improve how the AI Bombs colonies
  3. Improve how the AI Invades colonies
  4. Escort defenseless ships (colony ships, troop transports, etc.)


Tactical Combat Improvements

  1. Improved Space monsters behaviors and animations
  2. Revamped colonial and orbital defenses to make them more interesting
  3. Revamped UX (improved UI and much requested features such as Hold position)
  4. Improved auto ship designer


User Interface improvements

  1. Improved colony management (including Bulk movement of population!)
  2. Improved Empire level management (including: rush buy support)
  3. Improved overall visual feedback (specially for AI movements)
  4. Improved tactical UX (including hold position!)




RolloDK #2 Posted 25 June 2016 - 12:49 PM


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Early observations:

Making the planets need 120-125 for pop 2 and 110-115 for pop 3. And for later pop sizes it gets cheaper makes food hording much more appealing. (as opposed to spamming colony ships before).

Also that the first pop need 1 more food. And planets don't give 1 production and scince automatically makes basically every building worth more compared to a vanilla new planet. Maybe the best of all balance changes.

However it makes Biology a nobrainer as the first science unless your silicoids which has finally been tamed :)


Since getting from pop 1 to 2 and also the next few so expensive the best source for early growth seems to be making a lot of frigates with a single bomb that scours the universe for pirate bases to kill. And hope for +1 pop.

That will most likely make games between equally skilled opponents a little random. Maybe the +1 pop option from killing pirates should be removed. Games where you have 2 pirates spawning points nearby can quickly get our of control.

Think i had a game where my first new colony was size 7 by turn 20 or something.


Oh and silicoids they are supposed to have a HUGE homeworld but it is size 8 which is small?

And psilons should have a small but it is size 10 though game balance wise it seems appropriate.

BraggiMoO #3 Posted 25 June 2016 - 09:42 PM


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View PostRolloDK, on 25 June 2016 - 12:49 PM, said:

Early observations:

Making the planets need 120-125 for pop 2 and 110-115 for pop 3. And for later pop sizes it gets cheaper makes food hording much more appealing. (as opposed to spamming colony ships before).

Also that the first pop need 1 more food. And planets don't give 1 production and scince automatically makes basically every building worth more compared to a vanilla new planet. Maybe the best of all balance changes.

However it makes Biology a nobrainer as the first science unless your silicoids which has finally been tamed :)


Since getting from pop 1 to 2 and also the next few so expensive the best source for early growth seems to be making a lot of frigates with a single bomb that scours the universe for pirate bases to kill. And hope for +1 pop.

That will most likely make games between equally skilled opponents a little random. Maybe the +1 pop option from killing pirates should be removed. Games where you have 2 pirates spawning points nearby can quickly get our of control.

Think i had a game where my first new colony was size 7 by turn 20 or something.


Oh and silicoids they are supposed to have a HUGE homeworld but it is size 8 which is small?

And psilons should have a small but it is size 10 though game balance wise it seems appropriate.


Didn't get any population from bombing in EA 5, but didn't play that much yet. Also I still expand a lot. Maybe pirate reward chance is no longer completely random but linked to size, which could be exploited, bad.

Btw for inferno this size is ok, limit is 4-5-7-8 for small to huge. It is actually the reason they have the huge planet, else it wouldn't work at all.


I still don't like how new colonies now feel retarded without the base production. But then this was the idea, taking more time and energy to make the colony an asset at start. Yup, biology is even more valuable than before.

Eating races have to go for fertile planets now, at start there are few means to compensate for a bad galaxy setup. Well, maybe it incites more conflict over planets when the AI is overhauled some more. Already more agressive than before. Have to see what this does to strategies; conquest becomes more attractive.

Alkari now looks like the blizzer race. With the economic boost by a large planet and their military perks they should profit well from this meta.


Silicoid still spam Colo ships, just not one each 10 turns as before. Growth is so slow, can't waive it on main planet. Has 10 pop 4 planets at turn 66 compared to 13 pop 2 planets for Alkari 30 turns earlier. Huge nerf, but then Silicoid have now also few race perk points spent. Might be ok, because without food production Sili can live with fewer pop and settle everywhere. Unlike the others he has no easy way to change growth rate, but he is currently affected least from the missing colony base production.

Hit a point where home planet could build nothing reasonable for some turns, fleet maxed. With pop growth as main bc source crippled, and trade goods still not worth using, had to push research. First economic crisis ever ;)


Planet size no longer available with perks, only for some predefined races. We'll have to wait and see if custom races make it to release; MoO 3 cut them in the end I seem to remember.

kinngrimm #4 Posted 26 June 2016 - 12:04 AM


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hope this will help


start settings
 * within galaxy creation settings, basicly everything i would have to select for every new game start over and over again should be setted to the last choice i made last time
 * within customization species, the last customized choices should be there as default when next entering the customization option!!
 * within customization species, let us safe and load different customization settings!
 * within customization species, more then one 1point choice, combination choices is key, having one blob of 5 traits crampt into each other takes away choice and makes it tougher to balance
 * allow customized species for multiplayer!!! (how else would you be able to balance species traits anyways?)#
 * more customization options like - choose Empire Color - Species/Empire/Leader Names - Species Pictures(modding?) - more galaxy shapes
 * Tolarant to All Gravites is twice listed
 * please rearrange the list of traits , so all are listed from the far left so that on the far right you would have an area which would then show the current selected traits. Race Genetic and Leader Name can be above or below.
 * a reset button to get back to the last default or loaded safed status of a species traits selection    


planet view
- default setting "show queue"
- Silicoid Food production does it now have influence on pop growth or not, i can't say as when i build stuff which increases food it tells me growth is increased, but i seem to get pops unconnected to that value. Please make the visual representation of pop growth fitting to the actual pop growth.
- when i don't consume minerals/rocks as food and i don't gain anything by food buildings, then i don't want them to see cluttering my choices what could be build or researched!!
  quite anyoing and the same counts for pollution immunity. A work around could be that by default all these types of buildings are in an OR (|) choice within the research tree. So that a pollution free Litovore species can make then the choice not to take the obsolete buildings. Also the required techs for these food/pollution buildings should not be a choice for tech trade nore should there be a chance to steal them through espionage ... again in the end cluttering up my build options. So it maybe simpler to just disable the build otions for pollution and food buildings in case you have pollution immunity or are litovor.

galaxy view
- queueing ship orders, movement, attack, etc. !!!
- space constructions
 *why are structures on gas giants and asteroids restricted to systems which are colonized?
  Reduce idle time and strategic choice pressure by allowing to build on all asteriods and gas giants.
 *i'd like to see more things constructable by the space factories like
  artifical moons around planets(so we could then be able to build certain buildings)
  The Interplanetary Administration(IA) could be an Orbital building constructed by space factory with the suggestions afterwards it would make sense to make IA a required structure to be able to build the advanced once like
  orbital Habitates/ring world segments, complete ring worlds to dyson spheres. Integration of shipyards from several planets to one big shipyard resembled by a structure in space arround a stellar object which can be easily attacked/destroyed but give huge boost to ship construction ...
  manipulating the a star to get Volcani planets (pure silicoids can not terraform the crapout of stuff to get only the best suitable for them)
  using the space factory gives a very nice immersion which tells my psyche 'yeah we conquer space we build great structures here'
 *Military outposts need upkeep cost, i would suggest 2-3bc. So they can repair ships, but how can they repair themselves when they are like more then half damaged in a battle? A job for a space factory!

- events
  *after starting more then 50 games sofar, i can't stand anymore the first default news-report which gives nothing else then "hey no news yet"
   with the second report we get at least the information who leads by colony count
  *exploration gifts, not only when you spot them somewhere outside of systems but also when you visit planets, gas giants and asteroids. I find myself regularly leaving out small planets, but formost asteroids because there is no immediate gain to exploring them.
  *after a new tech. why am i forced into the ship design screen? It is quite often the case that i want several techs ready before designing a new ship, just give me notifier what has been researched , a button for design and a button to skip.


ship combat
- when selecting ships, there are several tooltips not responding to on mouse over trigger events, the two 
- do nebulas have any effect on ship systems? are the battle maps allways the same or do they differ depending on underlying galaxy stellar objects?
- i was stunned to notice that a suprise attack on the mainfleet of another species within one of his colonized systems was not treated as a reason for war ... imagine Rosevelt after the Japanese attacked Perl Habour just scratching his balls and saying that was no big deal ^^, not like they were not already looking for a reason anyways ... different discussion. Only when bombing a colonized planet or attacking a Military Outpost, i was asked if i want to continue as that would lead to war ... ok main fleet is down anyways .. i can keep expandng while at times i reduce their colonyships, space factories and newly build minor amount of fleet before they accumulate more.

research tree
- queueing not only one branch but over several branche

BraggiMoO #5 Posted 26 June 2016 - 02:03 PM


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View Postkinngrimm, on 26 June 2016 - 12:04 AM, said:

planet view

- default setting "show queue"
- Silicoid Food production does it now have influence on pop growth or not, i can't say as when i build stuff which increases food it tells me growth is increased, but i seem to get pops unconnected to that value. Please make the visual representation of pop growth fitting to the actual pop growth.
- when i don't consume minerals/rocks as food and i don't gain anything by food buildings, then i don't want them to see cluttering my choices what could be build or researched!!
  quite anyoing and the same counts for pollution immunity. A work around could be that by default all these types of buildings are in an OR (|) choice within the research tree. So that a pollution free Litovore species can make then the choice not to take the obsolete buildings. Also the required techs for these food/pollution buildings should not be a choice for tech trade nore should there be a chance to steal them through espionage ... again in the end cluttering up my build options. So it maybe simpler to just disable the build otions for pollution and food buildings in case you have pollution immunity or are litovor.


concur, show queue default or save my preferences.


Silicoid food has no influence on growth, at all. The only relevant number is "time to next event" on the right, and adding e.g. hydro will not change this number. Acceleration only comes from the true "growth" techs and perks like clone center, mycrobiotics and so on.

Didn't check the UI now, just remember that when I played Silicoids as my first race, it didn't help me understand growth at all.


A typical MoO 2 problem was that I couldn't research any techs that didn't concern me. Say cleaning up polution, when I'm tolerant. But I could get the tech, by trade, spying or conquest. And I could get population that was not tolerant (natives, or conquered races). So I want to access the tech when needed, but not see it otherwise. There's a precedent - gravity generator. I only have it in my list when there's population on my planet suffering gravity penalties. So for pure food buildings check if any inhabitant eats; same for polution. If not, don't show.

kinngrimm #6 Posted 26 June 2016 - 07:17 PM


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a few other things i noticed


Why would smaller empires reject trade and be pissed at me only because i am relentlessly colonizing planets as anyone else does.

Not that they would "SEE" that anyways aslong they have no scout exactly there. But hey i get my 3td planet and the whole universe knows, they don't know where i am but they know what i have ... That it is known is kind of nice to see if you are behind or ahead when it coems to colonizing still ... silly.


If it is about balancing, then give the smaller participants higher % in trade income due to less buerocracy or whatever, but getting into diplomatic stalement and smaller empires denying themselves trade with bigger empires is just silly out of the perspective of the smaller empires. If you want strive and struggle, get boarder friction values or start the downhill of relations at a time when there are no more systems to be claimed. If i have a bigger empire, the smaller dudes i rarely care about till everything is explored and colonized.


The exchange of starcharts should only be possible when i am already in a non-aggresion pact, before that noone in their right mind should ever give away their starcharts.

It would also be nice to be more selective about what of your starcharts you are willing to trade away. Somewhere you dont want to settle, fine, somewhere far away from your coresystems, maybe, my coresystems, [edited]no only over my dead body.


If you are in a military stalement and have not been able to to scount enemy systems when they have already been colonized, you can not send spies there ... but i guess you have to wait for a increase in scanner distance through research. This seems a bit counterintuitive, perhaps allow spies to scout systems beyond Military outposts as a mission, so a normal scout ship could not do that you have to send a spy for such reconnaissance. Would make sense and i may not have to wait 400 turns for the research.


In Moo2 you were able to upgrade your ships at planets, they were taken out of orbit, not available till they are upgradet, but you would not have to safe millions in cash, especially if you are a race which took a malus on BC income. I like the expensive way to upgrade very fast a ship or a fleet, but i like even more to not have to pay other then in production power.


GNN is not fluid enough

With fluid i rever to long waiting period between useless information and the information which may seem intresting. A partial skip could help, so you do not get out complettly from GNN but just skip the part which is not interesting to you. If there are 3 Messages, first some random event which makes no difference, then something else, then the state of the galaxy. I may want to skip the first 2 and just see the state of the galaxy. Also could we have differnt tabs with graphs and tables at the same time for the state of the galaxy, like one with the population, one the colony, one with tech one with ship strength and we would be able to switch trhough them or is not having that to be seen as a feature which should increase curiosity to not have all these informations at all times?

o8livion #7 Posted 01 July 2016 - 09:58 PM


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I’ve edited this often, so here’s the final version of my feedback:


Gameplay and victory conditions:

It is hard to say if the planetary stock exchange should open the gates for the stock market. I had a game where I was the only one investing till the bitter end and all the AIs were spending their money on military. Maybe I bought too many shares at the start? And once I had a game where I won suddenly in turn ~200, when the Silicoid (who were one of the major starting investors) were destroyed by the Meklar. In that case I thought that it would probably be better to get it with the galactic currency exchange. The technological Victory is handicapped, because the research boosts are benefitting the financial victory too, and the needed technologies are in a completely different branch of the research-tree. So, if any race goes for financial victory, it is impossible to reach the technological victory earlier. Well, except no one buys shares... I admit, who would claim the technological victory, would be able to defeat the other races anyways. It is pretty hard to get other races to vote for you, some always deny no matter the proposal, but I played no diplomatic race so far, but carnivour.

Antarans should come when having first scientific victory built or if conquered Orion. They might even be able to capture or destroy planets and produce monsters for defense.

If one race gets too strong (or dominates in too many aspects), other races should consider forming an alliance against that race. Alliances should have the possibility to include more than 2 races to create a (at least temporary) union. If they do not, they all will lose for sure. So that the dominating race, may it be player or not, has resistance before gaining the victory. There could be more military victory conditions like capturing X planets or defeating X races or having fleets for X scorepoints (where the planetary defenses are not included). Mostly to make aggressive playstyles more attractive, but it would force you to intervene instead of sitting back and improve technological advantage.

For a better overview of the situation as a whole, the path to victory could show the more specific score-overview of the races, not only those of oneself. As there is space enough, there could be shown a detailed comparison between oneself, like fleet score, planetary defense score, colonies, population, BC, and so on. Btw, the conquest victory did not update at some point. And the diplomacy could show how long the treaties a race has remain.

There should definitely be leaders for fleets and colonies and they could be killed or taken hostage by spies.

Races that want you to defend them, should open their boarders for you. They demand declaring war against their aggressor, but that alone is senseless. If you manage to save them from extinction, it would make sense for them to vote for you and or pay annual BC. Giving them planets within your secured domain should have a great impact on the relationship.

It may depend on the playstyle, but going to terraforming pretty fast means that the production-specialized races have the advantage, since it is unbuyable. When finishing terra- or gaiaforming, the planet completely gets rid of its pollution, too. That can be exploited in the way, that you get 99% pollution, then terraform until there is only 1 turn left, then build other things until the pollution reaches 99% again and in one turn you saved ~10 turns of pollution cleanup. That compensates even the malus from pollution resistance and makes the bonuses senseless. Terra- gaiaforming could be influenced by pollution, not in terms that terraforming produces pollution, but for example that the building-costs are increased the higher the pollution is. It makes sense that more trash takes more time to clean up. It would even make sense to not be able to terraform if there is pollution on the planet.
I am not quite sure as it has been a long time, but that may have been so in earlier MoOs and I would not mind if it stays that way.

There is another thing I wanted to point out that may have been like this in MoO2 too, but I think it should get improved. There are some things I did not know in MoO2, mainly but not only because I did not care about it (like spying or what you could do with diplomacy except treaties). But now I want a picture of the game as a whole and I think that there should be improved tooltipps that show exactly what a thing does and with what other things in specific it interacts. I mean in general, not only weapons.

When scrolling through the lists of the planets, I always get the feeling that there is something lacking to give a perfect picture. In the empire-view, the planets should be sorted with “Prime” prior to “I”, “II”, “III”, …, and in the colonial view, those with the interplanetary administration should be sorted prior to the rest of the system. Until you have it, it should be sorted per solar system, and then alphabetical. I very positively recognized the sort options in the empire-view and the building-list in the colonial-view. One thing that came to my mind was, that it would be comfortable to have one list of all buildings in your empire, for example to see, where you still have cloning centers when you know that all planets reached max population. In addition, the sensitivity for scrolling is too low, you should be able to scroll 2-3 times that speed. And be it in fleet designer or the empire view, scrolling lists should have no effect on the view of the strategic map in the background.

In the early game, if there is a sudden invasion where you lose your buldings through bombardments, you wish to be able to rebuild the colony bases, or even worse, the capitol.

There should be the option to upgrade fleets with production at orbital shipyards. It should not be enough that you own the colony where the fleet is parked to upgrade them. There should be orbital shipyards or starbases installed. Or a space factory in the fleet. With requirements fulfilled, there could be the option to choose fleet upgrade in the colony-production-list and it should be buyable like any other building. It is your decision, if it makes sense to be able to upgrade fleets at stargates. I think, upgrading fleets at alliance partners outposts should be possible too, since alliance means militarily support for each other. Maybe with more costs.

For the long term game fun, there could be periodically achievable points to spend on the race, when researching evolving technologies. Of course, every tier should cost more research.

In Tactical combat, you should be able to select which of your ships fires which weapon on which target, each specifically. And the AI control should be disabled by default.

There should be the option to use WASD instead of the arrow-keys, QE for rotating left/right and RF for cameraposition higher/lower. Not only because people are more used to it, but space and the ability-shortcuts are also not on the right side of the keyboard. It gives a feeling like in the 1980's-90's, where the majority searched the keys on the keyboard. Yes, it is well playable with the mouse only, just saying that it could have a comfortable or customizable keyboard-control too.

In tactical combat, if I press space to end the pause, the camera gets back in the bird-eye perspective. That is somehow disturbing.

The functions of the mouse-buttons should be identical in tactical combat and galaxy-view. The game would feel more homogenous.

The diplomacy could have an option to pay another race to protect you, a protection-treaty, where they are forced to guard you and you are forced to open your boarders. With higher payment comes better protection.

Alliancepartners get involved into war and if you fix it for them, your alliancepartner gets a truce and you are still at war, even though you did not start it on your own.

The diplomacy should have the option to ask another race to stop an ongoing war with another race.

If another race contacts you with a proposal, there could be an option to choose what you get in exchange, in case they ask for something that you would be willing to give away but don't like what you get in return.

Weaker opponents really should make treaties wherever they can.

Treaties between the other races could be shown. Maybe to have to infiltrate them first. Alliance-partners should always see the treaties the partner has. I have not figured out if the AI keeps mine in mind. They never asked me to cancel any treaty I had, they only complained when I made a new one with a race they are at war.

There should be an allied victory.

There is no need for the battle stations. You can go straight forward to the star fortresses. I like it, but that may not be what you had in mind.

Same tier buildings should somehow be more equivalent in the research tree. The planetary stock-exchange and the astro university should stay the same tier, and maybe get exclusive again, like core waste dump or deep core mine. Choosing between BC and research, production or less pollution, better spies or security (or ground troops?)... okay, but imho same tier vs. same tier.

There could be the possibility to trade the technologies that are not exclusive. When you have all technologies of a scientific field, it could resolve in completing the research for it or that it could be researched very fast.



Game start and race creation:

Winning type: Score: The auto-updater of the dialogue-field always has a minimum of 250 and max 4 digits. so it is quite complicated to put in 700 and you cant type in for example "1000". The delete-button has no function so i have to use backspace.

There are some things not shown nicely: The racial traits of the prior selected race in the background on the right side overlap with the 3rd column of the race creation.

Having a starting technology should be included in a "pre-warp" game (at least the buildings), since the racecreation-points would be literally lost otherwise and the technologies are not that overpowered.

I already miss the "big" and "huge" (huge was only playable in combination with high gravity tolerance anyways) starting planets, security-options etc...

Categories are good. Military could get it's own column like the population mods. There are few ship-options, it could be more with +/- hull, +/- hitpoints +/- space, ... Military in general could have more detailed options, like the population has. slower/faster training of stronger/weaker troops with more/less max troops and still missing: More/less max population on a planet

Special-abilities containing fixed packages excluding other things as a part of balancing... Interesting idea. But it doesn't make sense that a creative (costs 7 points) race has less chance to achieve technological victory than another race with +50% research (costs 6). I do not know if that, bond with the 25% bonus, is really worth it, since there are other easy ways to obtain the missing techs and there are not that many. The specific options should stay specificly available imho, but there could be customizable packages like creative and +25% or +50% and the -25% locked out.

I think that the growth-malus with 50% (which is the only option with -50%) is only playable with easy and maybe medium difficulty, because the progress gets slowed enormously.

Technologist, industrialist, ... as they are exclusive, that should be the essence of the race, meaning it to include traits of high worth, and they should be points cheaper than buying the included traits separately but therefore lock some other traits.

Gouvernment-options (Unification, diplomacy, feudal, ...)

The natural pilots are a great idea, a package that includes almost all ship strength-improvements available till now. That is, because there are not many ship-improvements available. Their speedbuffs are okay, but may I sugguest that they can dodge and hit a bit better in general instead of only beam-att/def?



Fleets and fleet designer:

It would really be a help if you would not have to click the +1 to increase the amount of a weapon in a slot. +1, -1, clear or choosing another, there could be a +10/-10 too and/or manual input.

There are some things not shown nicely: For example the gauss cannons description overlaps with the modifiers.

I agree on the opinion that rockets should be limited. So should torpedoes. Having a cargo makes sense. Or you take a special slot for refining them. I do not think that rockets are overpowered, it is just that the other races do not adept their fleets, like building a ship type specialized in anti-rockets.

I agree on the opinion that drives should have a limited range. It was a good limiter in MoO2 and I somehow miss a rangelimit. I like the strategic options the new system offers, too, but another exploit is that you can simply pick farer away solarsystems so that you only have 2 or 3 solarsystems where you could get attacked. It may take you 14 turns to get there, but in the beginning you have the time. There you build the defenses and the rest does not need to bother about anything other than developement. In MoO2 you could be attacked anywhere and had to adept by building defenses relatively fast. Now it is way more relaxed.

Every ship needs battle-pods. At least the AI. The reason why I can play like described above is that my ships simply are so rediculously strong compaired to theirs because since I use one ship class as bombers and the rest as fighters only and always with battle-pods, their ships have only around half the amount of weapons.

There could be no limit for ship design slots.

Ships could have additional upkeep costs, may it be food or BC or both.

There coulds be ship improvements for the specialslots like a techlab for research-production or a stardust-collector for BC-production. That way the races could improve their traits or compensate their lacks due to a bad starting position.

Ships could cost 1 population per tier when built.

The advanced colony ships are a great idea as they are. period.

The effect of population-bonuses could have an effect on the space-factories too. Build faster, get more BC from mining or more research from labs, even though that bonus could be a flat one instead of a percentage.

Most of the effects of the weapon modifications compared to their increased space cost/cooldowns are a little low. Except for point defense, their improved effect pays off hardly.




No building should have more BC cost than production of whatever resource it produces.

Higher tier buildings should always produce more of a resource than an equivalent lower tier building.

Fungal farm in specific is just not worth building. It is better to go straight for terraforming, where they disappear then anyways.

Yellow buildings should never cost upkeep.

The geomorphic funghi (I think it was that tech that allowed you to terraform volcanic planets) should be available again.

There could be a possibility to destroy own planets or upgrade a planet with planet construction. From MoO2 until now you have to colonize it, give it to another race, declare war on them, destroy the planet, then recreate it (you always get at least a large planet). It would accelerate the process a bit =) I really don’t want to miss that.

To have to research the colony-bases before the colony-ships are equipped with it is a good idea.



Final thoughts:

To completely balance everything is impossible anyways, but hey, who wants a game were everything is limited to one specific way? Better to have exploits in every category, so there are many uniquely challanging specialized playstyles. Maybe some exploits should stay just because it is the flair of MoO and has always been so. After all, what you will change or not is up to you anyways and I think I have played it far too much till now to deny that I like it and look forward to the final version.

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MinCed #8 Posted 05 July 2016 - 08:46 PM


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Feedback on EA5

- Planetary defenses are crap (unfortunately). There are already lots of suggestions in the forum on how to fix this, so I just support the oppinion that there is room for improvements.

- Missiles should really really come with limited ammunition to force interesting strategic decisions. Otherwise its just a weapon with x point of damage, as every other weapon.

- Ship range should be limited by fuel cell as it was in moo2. It's just not fun if everyone can reach every point in the map from beginning. It would also force more compact territories. now its just cherry-picking the good planets as soon as possible all around the map.

- Planet development is really slow now until two or three pops are ready

- its still not possible to view a ground forces rating against the opposing force to make an appraisal for the troops needed to take a planet. its also not visible what techs are helping them in a way.

- tanks seem to have no impact on attacking troops, they dont hold them off from taking a planet. not a bit.

- espionage is not interesting, I just ignored that part of the game as much as possible and it simply didn't matter at all.

- what is that range control good for in tactical combat? if an enemy is in weapon range, my ships should simply attack it, why would I want my ships to hold fire?? It would be something different, if ships had limited power, that I would want to be used as efficient as possible (so only fire if the probability to hit the target is really high). but as it is, I simply don't have any advantage when holding fire, do I?

- race traits like creative, uncreative and so on should be explained in the game. I don't now what they do. I could guess they do what traits with the same name did in moo2..

- Please fix the minor issues as well.. there are bugs in the UI (fleet icons over diffuse layer when in menu, buyout doesn't refresh the remaining amount of 'money', ..) as well as in other parts that I reported from the ingame bugs-report-menu.


Sorry if I just write about the parts of the game that I think need to be improved. There are already good parts in the game as well, but I cannot list them all here :-)

Ph3lan #9 Posted 20 July 2016 - 04:57 PM

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Thank you guys for all your feedback!

Methuselas #10 Posted 24 July 2016 - 04:37 AM


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I'd like to add in a few things that haven't been really touched upon.


I've noticed that the AI seems to just bomb civilizations into oblivion. I'm a RABID MoO fan, but I've yet to see the AI invade a single planet. In my most recent game, I've sat with my civilization now having the highest Technology and the largest population, but I haven't gotten attacked once, except by civilizations that have been bombed into extinction (Only the Mrrshan had the stones to attack me and that didn't last long). This is a bit of a problem, as I haven't bothered to upgrade any of my frigates or destroyers since Ion Tech, only my 8 Cruisers have battle pods and I've got a single Battleship. It's slowly become a "next turn" click fest for nearly 200 turns. I watched 4 civilizations perish, when I would have defended them, but the AI wanted ridiculous terms for Alliances or just outright refused them.


So, I set myself to invade the final 3 civilizations, stacking 30k in BC to upgrade my fleet and that's when the grind hit me.


I have to purchase troop transports of four marines each and I'm limited to how many I can do at a time?!?

Take a nod from MoO III on Planetary Invasions, as it's the one of the few things they got right and part of the reason I can still go back and play that game (albeit heavily patched by fans), enjoying it. Being from a military background, I can tell you that I would NEVER, in good conscience, send marines to go up against tanks (even though tanks and battloids currently do nothing) in taking a planet. It's not even an option. Add in the cartoony graphics on the orbital bombardment screen, I too, would rather just bomb them into oblivion and be done with it.


MoO III allowed for Infantry, Marines, Mobile Infantry, Armor and Battloids. In addition, it had Commandos, Command Units, PsyOps, Magazine, and Hackers that added benefits to in-game combat. To top that off, you had bonuses from rank: Recruit, Trained, Experienced, Veteran, Crack and Elite. You had various species bonuses (Meklar were better in Low Gravity, Sakkra had more hits, etc) and had army sizes of Corps, Divisions or Armies. You could bomb using nuclear, biological and chemical. Also, planetary invasions were their own screen, following the end of turn. Each planet had 8 zones, so an invasion could take several turns and make or break your invasion. You were given Attack/Defense parameters that could make or break a battle that were based on actual ROE types (Attrition, Harass, Sweep, etc.)There was a lot of excitement with me, conquering a planet, using a small force Elite Marines and Mobile Infantry and defeating a much more powerful army of armor and battleoids, due to taking into consideration my units and tactics.

Instead, you give us 1 unarmed transport , 4 marines and a campy orbital bombardment screen that seems like it was outsourced to a web-game company and not nearly as polished as the rest of the game..


Seriously, if you're going to just copy working ideas from other games, such as civilization, at least snag one of the more decent elements of the last incarnation of the MoO series.

In effect:

1. Give us troops based on race, with bonuses to match. I don't want just "marines."

2. Let us build our own transports and build our own armies. Transports should have hard points, just like the rest of the ships. Armies should be in Company, Battalion, Regiment, Division strength. Armies should have "experience." Units should be made, just like everything else and should be placed, by the player, on planets.

3. Give us troops, based on other sources and not just marines. (If I have an armor barracks, I should be taking Armor and Battloids on invasions.)

4. Give us invasion attack types, that increase our chances of success. Give us defensive types that increase our chances of success.

5. Get rid of that horrible planetary bombardment screen - it takes away from the rest of the game.

6. Make actually invading a planet worthwhile.

The game I've been currently playing, now nearly a third of the galaxy is uninhabited, due to bombardment attrition ( no race has made a new colony that I've seen and I've been taking care of the spare planets within my well-defended borders. Hell, the poor Mrrshan were offed by Space Pirates.......) They all hate me, but none have the balls to confront me. I'm bored and I can't be bothered to make 2 or 3 troop transports per planet, stockpile and then invade, starting the whole process over, when I use them all and play the waiting game again, while I rebuild them.

I'm going to go play MoO III for a while and so should you. Do some of the planetary invasions and see what you should look at, to fix what's wrong with this version.

Wish you all the best.




[EDIT] - I'll touch on Espionage, later, when I feel up to playing again.


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RolloDK #11 Posted 04 August 2016 - 01:07 PM


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Feedback after alot of multiplayer games.

The trade treaties or rather research treaty is simply way to strong.

Over alot of games i messure the average players science per turn for the first 40 turns was around 8 / turn.

A research treaty gives 16/turn early game.

So a treaty is not a supplement but the core of your research.


So if you're isolated i.e. in a spiral universe and somebody made it to the keypoint of your string early and boxes you in. You're outsted from research treaties and therefore comepletely gone.

Also if 2 players collude (i.e. friends playing) and rush xeno and make sure to scout each other early they will get MILES ahead of all others on science.


So basically my suggestion is to cut down alot of what a research treaty gives and add an option for no treaties in multiplayer games.

The core of this game is also about optimizing the distribution between research/food and production. It feels wrong that putting people in research matters little. (compared to a research treaty). Especially now where the cost has been reduced by only 1 player needing to have an embassy.

o8livion #12 Posted 23 August 2016 - 12:28 AM


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hi there!


uniformity of concepts and flair:

- as cool as it is to have a rotating planet shown, the oversized buildings just do not look good. forgive me for mentioning moo2, but there you did not see the entire planet, just a "city", and it fitted perfectly. to think you will change the rotating planet seems unlikely, i guess. but something should change. and to be honest, i do not think that just resizing the buildings would be THE solution. you have them now, and would then still have buildings scattered randomly around and partially floating on the sea and those meant to be in stratosphere or above look like they are stuck to the ground... that's just... nope. to be honest, i think in that point you should go back to the style of moo2. or another sugguestion: clicking on the rotating planet opens a city screen where the buildings are shown in moo2-style (organized and compact). or you have a whole different solution, okay, as long as the result in the end is a perfect picture. 

- in race selection, when i click on custom, i have to click a second time to open the menue. everything else needs one click.

- i guess the models will be reworked in time, but right now i am experiencing a stylistic incongruity, for example the meklar: the blue-silver snake-like, very nicely and detailed animated character... and then these ships. and spies. well, at least one of them should have the codename "squarehead" instead of alpha, bravo, charly... you know which one i mean. well, the ships are either completely angular shaped or something about cylinders. they need a rework, and, lets say, if a base skin of a fregatte is the angular one, then alternate should be the round one, but then the alternate destroyer, cruiser, aso should be the round versions too.

- in moo2 the portraits as well as the whole game had a comic-like flair. now it is to some extend very realistic (planets -without buildings-, race-portraits), to some degree comic-like (population in colony-view) and the rest is neither one or the other (buildings and ships -not all, but mostly-)

- it would be cool if the ships would match the stlye of the race portrait more. for example, the meklar-ships: snake like, dark blue hull with light blue/white flashing lines, silver/metallic armor plates, red glowing windows... instead of squared or cylindric.

- i remember the meklar from moo2, which looked like brown psylons with claws in a violett exoskelett, which had the flair of alien bugs in royal (because of the violett-gold) spacemarine-armors. the new meklars definately look good, but since they have more the flair of a pure machine now, they do not feel the same at all. can't say if better or worse, because both versions have their attraction in a way, and both very well show their potential to be a threat. but i can say that the bulrathi look worse. they are detailed, yes, you put a lot of affort in them, yes, but compare a picture of moo2 bulrathi and them now: it is like the bodybuilding champion of klingons versus 60 years old couch-potatoe chewbacca... so in a way, they are the only ones with an optical downgrade.



- in this phase of early access the buildings-list of the colony works slightly different. for example: i want to scrap hydroponic farm on my homeplanet. when i select it now, the planet rotates until the building is centered. but nothing else happens. i have to move the mouse outside of the list, then the popup, where you can scrap the building, is shown. before, the popup appeared immediately.

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My first post so I hope this is the right place for this...  


Change request: can we please choose the victory conditions at the start of a new game?  Right now the least satisfying ending is the "You invested in the Interstellar stock exchange - everbody's currency is worthless save for yours - you win".  There is no way to turn this off.  


I'd like to be able to restrict things to total military victory for instance.  


Diplomacy - going to war.  If you have an agreement (say a non-aggression pact) with an AI and then they decide they don't like you they can refuse to meet with you forever basically.  You cannot declare war on them unless they meet with you and you can't break the agreement so even if you want to invade you can't.  This is beyond stupid.  As if a sneak attack couldn't happen.  Yes you should get a diplomatic hit for breaking a treaty but it shouldn't be impossible.

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Why is the Elerian advisor female? According to the DLC lore its the males that do the sciency and advising stuff while ze ladies get on with the rough 'n' tumble :D

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Please add keyboard shortcut for Choose production in colony/planet screen  ( will add user friendliness and make management faster)

Please add info on last finished production in colony/planet screen​   (that will help to remember what way is that colony going)


Option to faster panning in galaxy map will be good.


Support for touch enabled controll for devices such as laptops and tablets would be great (Civilization 5 for example supports touch controls)


Please fix bug with galaxy zooming in/out on some notebook touchpads, it doesnt work at all and really make whole game nearly unplayable with only keyboard and touchpad.


Option to add newly researched structure on every colony build list will significantly simplify the colony management.


It would be great to have system planetary list available on the colony screen.


Option to build colony base on planet in the same system should be implemented.


Population migration in the same system should be implemented if colony have max population and there are other planets to move on.


Ability to get and move multiple colonists from one assigment to another in colony screen, now i have to move them one by one and that is boring. MOO2 did it right, one click and i can grab them all.



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Please make a "MOO2 HD" with ONLY graphics updates and new (working) network gameplay code, otherwise EXACTLY IDENTICAL to MOO2.


This new MOO tries to be close to MOO2 but still breaks many good features of MOO2, the changes are not improvements but makes the game worse.


1) The simultaneous turn system of MOO2 (commands are first given simultanously, and then processed together) works much better in multiplayer mode

2) The wormhole-based movement is worse than the free movement of MOO2.

3) The RTS combat is much harder to control precisely(though it has some good points also)

4) The planet population limit changes seem to be unbalanced


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