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AI Improvements


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MrConway #1 Posted 22 June 2016 - 03:38 PM

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Please leave your feedback on the following AI improvements here:


AI Personality:

  1. Improve and expand personality traits to make them more noticeable
  2. Improve analysis of possible victory conditions
  3. Improve evaluation for strategic deals such as defensive/offensive pact and alliances

AI - Strategic layer:

  1. Improve handling of the treasury (use rush-buy with purpose)
  2. Improve how the AI picks its enemies
  3. Improve analysis to go to War and continue or stop the war effort
  4. Improve how the AI selects its targets

AI - Tactical Layer

  1. Improve how the AI joins, trims and splits fleets to engage different targets
  2. Improve how the AI Bombs colonies
  3. Improve how the AI Invades colonies
  4. Escort defenseless ships (colony ships, troop transports, etc.)


RolloDK #2 Posted 25 June 2016 - 12:39 PM


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AI personality 1 and 2 works much better.

3 has a problem with share planet charts. If you just say yes to all offers or initiate them yourselves. The AI's end up offering money + their planets for your larget amout of planets that just increase getting a huge escalating cash cow.

Maybe sharing planet charts should be neutral or depend on new planet info offered. Though it is illogical since you don't know what the other party knows that you don't know o.O


AI strategic

So far from 12 single player games (one with each of the 12 races). It works natural. Maybe they should be slightly more agressive when it's obvious your getting to strong much faster than them.


AI tactical.

I've seen the ai do all 4 in logical scenarious. Even hidden a frigate nearby that killed their first colony ship free. And then waited for the next that had an appropriate size escort that made me happy :)


BraggiMoO #3 Posted 27 June 2016 - 08:35 AM


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AI can't handle the current balance changes. Don't know if it ever used civ transports before, probably no.

Now it should, but they are deeper in the tech tree and with race traits maybe even low priiority. Looks to me as if settler AI colos mostly depend on natural growth.

Think about pushing civ transport down the tree, or offering an expensive version (dumbed down colo) and budget transports.


Settings: Large /Circle /Very Hard; 52334

NE neighbour Bulrathi has 2 systems right next to him with 2 terran, 2 swamp planets, all med+abun (+2*money), 1 large arid+abu (+prod), 2 small ok planets. Bummer.

When I attack, AI just settled 5th of these medium+ planets; statistics put him at 14 pop, 5 of these on 2 planets in first system. AI settled (med swamp abu) before (large arid abu +prod), IMO wrong choice.

Only defense were warp point stations; none of the colonies had missile launchers or even a station, although attack showed up to 5 structures.


Attack summary: Colonies militarily exposed. A fleet of 3 AI destroyers was roaming elsewhere, they could have defended the warp point stations. Maybe not winning, but at least bleeding the attack fleet.

AI even saw my invaders approaching (warships, colo, space factory, no troops) but didn't recall its destroyers.

After player break-through, AI cranked out 5 fregates; maybe using treasury at the colonies. Looked good. Entered the undefensible system w/o stationary planet defences, instead of defending the other system and building up strength. Or circumventing attacked system to bolster home planet. Fatal. Player killed last wp defense first, AI didn't retreat but even split its underpowered fleed, wipe. More ships coming in ones and twos, just wasting them.

AI offered peace (good) but w/o incentive (Bulrathi leads several statistics, bad), so offer declined and more conquest.


Attack ramped up slow, troops researched only while attacking. AI even colonised one more planet a few systems away instead of focusing on defense..

EDIT: AI movement seems to work like with pirates, fire and forget. This may be the reason why an AI fleet doesn't change its orders in systems it traverses, although there may be a worthwile target available. Or even the need to change orders completely.




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JouMxyzptlk #4 Posted 11 July 2016 - 10:27 PM


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The AI (as for v 1.2 in manual engage) works fine for me. I usually set the preferred attack range and move the ship manually, works well in fights where the enemy overpowers me.

I only wish it would remember the preferred target: i.e. I set it to fire at a specific ship, but when I move the ship in a 90° Angle so it gets less hit the AI starts to fire at the strongest opponent again instead of my last targeted ship.

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