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Master of Orion 2 HD Update / HD Mod? Clone?

moo2 remaster update

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ot4gaming #1 Posted 24 March 2016 - 02:59 PM


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all I ever want is a Widescreen HD Updatee of the original Master of Orion 2, same grafics just highere resolution, with easy Online Multiplayer build in with Chat and Lobby, create new games (similar as Kali is/was, just directly build in). 

Will this never happen? I dont need any fancy 3D grafics, the original MoO2 grafics are even today still amazing just Widescreen and better Resolution would be awesome. 


Are there any Fan-Projects working on somthing like it? I remember Free Orion, any News on that one? 

I wonder if Wargaming ever makes this happen, this would be a dream come true. I still play MoO2 at least twice a week since now about 20 years and there is still no game that can compare to it. I dont need any Voiceacting, just BGM is enough, its the same effect as Minecraft has, just play, some music and you dont even realize how fast the time goes by. Isnt it nice if you can just by listening to the music find out if a Opponent is affresiv or friendly to you?


Or are there other 1:1 Clones? Not like Galactic Civ. just MoO clones, why is it so hard to get this simple game with those simple grafics up to HD? Isnt that what everyone wants?

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Talarian #2 Posted 04 July 2016 - 06:51 PM


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At risk of maybe getting this post deleted for promoting another game (but a great one!), you might try Starbase Orion, which is an obvious (and honorable) clone of MoO2. iOS only, I'm afraid. But it has a great online community and if you played MoO2, you'll find that Starbase Orion is essentially the same game, though combat is handled a bit differently due to the nature of asynchronous turns, which seem pretty requisite in today's multiplayer strategy market.

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