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Missing races and racial traits – Remake is no dignified successor

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Ezekiel999 #1 Posted 03 March 2016 - 03:01 PM


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I really miss the Elerians, Trilarians, Gnolams and Antarans in the release. Are they being added later?


Also i think there are some racial traits which should be implemeted, which have also been part of moo2. Currently there is not enough difference between the races, when you take a look at their traits. In Moo2 the sakkra were subterreanean so that their planets could support more population.


In moo2 you were able to invade a sakkra planet, take control of its population and spread it across your own planets. And then these planets could also support much more population because of the subterrenean trait from the sakkra race. It have been such strategic possibilities which made moo2 the mother of 4x games.


And the telepathic Elerians had the ability to mind control ships and planets and have been omniscient. Also this race was feudal and due to this could build ships faster.


The Trliarians had faster ships hand the gnolams have been the traders of the galaxy and earened more bc.


All this led in moo2 to much wider strategic possiblities and playing experience than it is actual in the new remake. This should be improved, if the the new master of orion wants to be a dignified successor!

Kolbeg #2 Posted 03 March 2016 - 05:02 PM


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I agree with some things here.

Hopefully we´ll see a more flavor in the races and their traits. I remember how each game I played in Moo2 begun by picking a race (sometimes changing them a little, making the Gnolam or Psilon democratic!)  and adjusting my strategy and path to victory accordingly. I would argue that these picks and traits need to be strong and flavorful, strong in a sense that they need to be decisive (+2 farming etc.) not ambiguous or weak (gain 0,5% increased accuracy when fighting empire that are larger than yours!). I would also point to the traits, bonuses, government types and negatives from Moo2 captured that quite well.

If we take the Mrrshan as an example, they are described on the wiki page as;

Fearless, Warlike, Proud

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  • Homeworld Size: Large
  • Uber Planet: Grassland
  • Ground Units: Extended Barracks
  • Starting Tech: Engineering


To me that sounds at the moment like the only real exciting bonus for playing the Mrrshan is that they can transform deserts to grasslands (which I really like) but other than that its the fact that their barracks contain 2 more marines then others do. That to me should really really lackluster.


I would appreciate some clarification on the direction the developers are taking this this regard.


At the moment the differences between the races are for some reason no so definitive, I´m not quite sure why but I think its should be looked at.
All the races now have some personalities but I don´t think I´ve ever seen any explanation about what they mean. Similarly I think its still unclear if there are anything like governments that will spice things up.



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