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What happened to "MOO3 never happened"?

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StormyFacade #1 Posted 22 February 2016 - 08:00 AM


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Literally very curious. As far as I still remember, Star Lanes are STILL in the game.


Guess what game and only it had Star Lanes? MOO3.


So what happened? You guys said "MOO3 Never Happened" for your direction in design, and you even said that you were going to make a game true to MOO2/1, not 3.


I'm not even going to go over the many reasons Star Lanes are just a bad design idea, I just want to know what the reasons the devs have for... well literally going back on their word.


Like... I could write 2000 words on how Star Lanes ruin strategy in 4X games and basically make them into an over-glorified game of "bash the armies together until somebody wins"

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