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Revert Master of Orion to the previous build

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Kandly #1 Posted 10 November 2016 - 10:34 AM


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Greetings explorers,

As you know, the latest update of Master of Orion - v51.2 - brought some big modifications in the pollution mechanics. After this patch was deployed, the old savegames were loadable, however the conditions of certain planets got heavily modified, affecting your ongoing games.


Some of you have expressed your disappointment, and we have heard you loud and clear. 


In order to let you continue your old games in the previous conditions, we have enabled build v49.5 in an alternative Steam branch.


Here is how you get to it:
1.    Launch the Steam software, but do not run Master of Orion
2.    Go to the Games / Library tab 
3.    Right click on Master of Orion
4.    Select Properties
5.    Go to “betas” tab
6.    Select the build that you wish to play in the drop down menu (no password required)
7.    Close the window
8.    Let the game update


Pro tip: If you continued and old game after v51.2 and overwrote your savegame, please note that you can go back to the desired turn by going to “Path to Victory” / “View Timeline Graph” and clicking in the point of the timeline that you wish to restore. 


Conquer the Stars!



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