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Patch Notes: Free Update v51.2

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MrConway #1 Posted 02 November 2016 - 11:51 AM

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Greetings Explorers,


As announced yesterday, during the 20th Anniversary of MOO 2, today we've released a new update for Master of Orion. It brings significant improvements in various fields, and it also introduces the highly demanded “mod support” feature.


Main highlights of the update:


Explanation of the new pollution and gravity system with v51.2


Read on for the update notes, and be sure to visit the bugfixes link: http://steamcommunity.com/app/298050/discussions/0/312265782625615936/


As with every update, don’t hesitate to leave your feedback about the game, we can’t wait to see what you think about this new build.


Master of Orion - Patch Notes v51



  • Mods can now be used in the game to enrich the experience even more.



  • Pollution Processor moved to Molecular Compression Technode. Core Waste dump cleaning value increased.
  • New Gravity mechanics:
    • Races with Low-G tolerance have a -25% penalty in Normal-G worlds and -50% penalty in High-G worlds.
    • Races with High-G tolerance have a -25% penalty in Normal-G worlds and -50% penalty in Low-G worlds.
    • Races with Normal-G tolerance have a -25% penalty in Low-G worlds and -50% penalty in High-G worlds.
  • New Pollution mechanics:
    • Pollution is now generated by Population and Production output.
    • New ongoing effect: If pollution in a colony goes up, it pollutes the soil and reduces cells’ food output.
    • Pollution Cleanup project is no longer available.
    • Biome tolerance and Pollution cleaning from buildings are now flat values.


Galaxy Generation

  • “Planetary density” added to match options.
  • Tiny planets added (Updated size chances and Gravity table).
  • Galaxy generation improved to support the new gravity mechanics.
  • Monster quantity by galaxy size increased.
  • New Gravity Tolerance perk influences the player’s Home Planet’s gravity.
  • Tweaks to better support low gravity planets.



  • Races with Low-Gravity tolerance now have the "Low Gravity Homeworld" perk.
  • Races with High-Gravity tolerance now have a "High Gravity Homeworld" perk.
  • Creative perk research bonus increased to +50%.



  • Polished animations and blending of emperors and advisors



  • Cinematics now play when defeated instead of the old pop-up
  • Removed the narrator and subtitles from Custom Race’s cutscenes.
  • Cinematic cameras, now uses real mesh distances in tactical battles.



  • Improved selection of defense points.
  • Improved evaluation of Declare War On.
  • Improved how the AI manages space pirates while being at war with other races.
  • The AI is now better at building bombers.
  • The AI is better at considering transports for other targets.
  • Expansionism trait improvements.
  • Improved invasion by allowing multiple invasion targets at once.
  • Improved invasion by building troop transports in advance.
  • Improved invasion by making troop transports move together with all military fleets.
  • New Planet Rating heuristic for civilizations, now uses estimated outputs.
  • Racial Grudge is now used in strategic analysis.
  • Re-balanced pacifist trait in General Strategy to make it more noticeable.
  • Refactored Racial Grudge so it has degrees and is not binary.
  • The AI now plays smarter in Cluster Galaxies.
  • The AI now plays smarter in Huge Galaxies.



  • Improved opening moves for the AI.
  • Automatic toggle on a weapon/s when receiving general/weapon focus order.
  • Tactical Weapons can now be fired manually.
  • Changed how the AI chooses and changes squadron formation.
  • New Auto-Pause option on screen.
  • Reduced cinematic "Missile Cam” occurrence.
  • Reduced time compression smoothness.
  • Back end now use the new system for focus fire.
  • Formations have been rebalanced to make them more meaningful.
  • New Plasma Web FX.
  • Clicking on a ship now selects only that ship, double-click selects the whole squadron.


Tactical combat – Balance

  • Re-balanced Fighters:
    • Fighter Bay size reduced (40 -> 30).
    • Bomber Bay size reduced (50 -> 35).
    • Heavy Fighter Bay size reduced (60 -> 40).
  • Tweaked Tactical Battles Pacing:
    • Tweaked Hull Visual Scales
    • Increased Max Speed for Most Hulls
    • Reduced Rotation Speed for Most Hulls
    • Reduced tactical health scale
    • Increased CDs on all weapons to keep DPS and Battle Length similar to previous iteration.
    • Phasors Damage Nerfed 35 -> 30
    • Gauss Cannon Damaged Buffed 35 -> 40
    • Pulson Missile Damage Nerfed 50 -> 40
    • Zeon Missile Damage Nerfed 70 -> 60
    • Energy Absorber CD increased 15 -> 25
    • Shield Capacitor CD increased 20 -> 30
    • Removed a Redundant Instance of Cooldown on the Pulsar Entry.



  • Added Automatic Formation Icon.
  • Added pulsing animation to "Victory Is Nigh" notification.
  • Citizen transports can now be built in bulk.
  • New fully configurable ship mass production picker.
  • Limited bulk building to 5 ships max.
  • Added a “below max recommended player” count in the galaxy generation menu, to use as initial value of each galaxy size.
  • Disable Intro Video Option.
  • Set the recommended player count instead of the max count when a new galaxy size is selected.
  • Added Scroll and Close functionality to notifications.
  • Added new feedback for new pollution mechanics.
  • Added missing tooltips that add necessary information in the ship design menu.
  • Improved feedback for Blocking and Guarding commands.
  • The Guard order can now be issued anywhere.
  • Added new formations functionality, weapons and specials functionality in the tactical combat interface.
  • Added status effect icons in the tactical combat interface.
  • Added tooltip Auto-Pause for tactical battles.
  • Added Status Effects to the tactical combat HUD.
  • Numerous tooltips improvements.
  • Added cost, command points, attack rating, defense rating, armor penetration, and drones system tooltips in the Ship Design menu.
  • Added new feedback to Economic victory.


Controls – Modifications for “Tobii eye tracking” devices

  • Cursor stays on planets when camera is shifting on extended view.
  • Improved gamepad warp by adding cursor clone.
  • Look at a planet and push left stick to see tooltip.



  • Added intro animations for GNN
  • Added New Economic Victory GNN trigger



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